What Should Be on Your Radar

Hey everyone.  Looking back to this time last year, I was biting my nails and combating stress stomach aches in an effort to raise funds for my documentary.  I know as always, the holiday’s are a tough time financially, but also and more importantly a time to give – and even better, get a tax deduction from doing so!

Therefore, I have been thinking a great deal about my contributions as I take mini-breaks from editing Alpine Zone.  I have also thought about the numerous people that made my film happen.  One of them, Nathaniel Hansen, is currently trying to raise funds for his own project.  He has less than 3 days to make his goal on the fabulous Kickstarter.  I thought it might be worth sharing at this time.  As always, it is all about support and you all may know someone that would have an interest in this project.

Seeing as I had my own coming of age story, I certainly laid down some pennies for Kupuna.  Age seems to be forever on my mind and as my Grandmother loses a great deal of her memory, I am partial to stories that aim to preserve that.  We all have stories and they are all worth telling. If you can pass this along, it would mean a great deal.

Click HERE to support Kupuna and see the trailer!

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