There has been a great deal of reflection that has gone on today, on the eve of my summit-versary. I cannot even fathom how different life has become since September 4th last year. At this time, I was sitting with Skinny Rambo, drinking a PBR and thinking about the past six months of my life; all the people I met, the views, the hard days, the once in a lifetime days. I contemplated how I overcame so much, mentally, physically, emotionally.

Now, I am starting a new career, I have met people that have taught me more patience than I could have ever imagined possible, I have lost my trail zen, I have worked on regaining it. In a world that has so much going on, it is hard to focus on the day to day, the immediate survival needs that the trail taught me. I struggle to take things day by day, step by step. But, I try and remind myself as often as possible, that each day is a new road to travel, a new chapter, a new experience. Most of which is out of my control. I relinquish control.

So tomorrow, I will wake early and head off to teach, my first day as a full time teacher of Media Art. I will not celebrate on a mountain. I will breathe deep and focus on my new adventure. I will tell everyone in my life that I love dearly how thankful I am for their support and love. I will be thankful that I can embrace a new day, healthy and happy.

As an aside, I want to update you all on the film. Hard Way Home has entered the long process of being submitted into film festivals. This is a year long process and there will be many ups and downs. However, I promise to let you know if there are any acceptances and when and where it will screen. Thank you, for following, for supporting. I could never have done this without you.

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