Sometimes the best way to let go of a troubled past is to literally walk as far away from it as possible. Hard Way Home is an intimate journey of the filmmaker as she struggles physically and emotionally to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Filled with a cast of misfit hikers, wandering poets and other similar souls to the filmmaker, the trek takes on surprising meaning about the values of human connection and freedom that in the process helps the filmmaker to overcome a difficult relationship. In the vein of classic first person documentary films like Sherman’s March, and the recently successful Maidentrip, this documentary is a personal journey with mostly point of view cinematography that takes its audience on the experience of a lifetime.

Best Feature – Chattanooga Film Festival 2014


“Kori Feener’s Hard Way Home is a unique film about the healing power the Appalachian Trail can provide. She takes us on an emotional journey that offers genuine insight into what it means to move forward with one’s life.”

– Jennifer Pharr Davis, author of “Becoming Odyssa” and “Called Again”